New Lisbon City Cemetery

New Lisbon is blessed with a cemetery that provides a blend of new and old. Given to the public by
community founder, Amasa Wilson, the first burial in our cemetery was made in 1857. The cemetery is
operated for the city by the New Lisbon Cemetery Association whose trustees oversee the operation
and maintenance of its 6.5 acres. The Association was formed in 1897 and reorganized in its present
form in 1936. This long tradition of service provides small town values in an up to date manner. There
are plenty of available gravesites in the cemetery to serve virtually any need.

Purchase of gravesites is accomplished by deed. The cost for one grave is currently $350.00 which
includes Perpetual Care and recording of the deed for the grave or graves with the Juneau County
Register of Deeds. Anyone interested in acquiring one or more graves may contact the Association
Secretary, John Stastny, by telephone (608) 562-3407 or by email [email protected]. The Association
Secretary can also address additional requirements for time of use, placement of monuments and other
purchaser's concerns.

Planting of trees or shrubs in the cemetery shall not be permitted without permission of the Association
and only in locations specified by the Board of Trustees. Decorations and plants must be confined to the
grave stone area of the grave and must be removed by April 1st of each year.